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Gemma Warburton

Gemma Warburton
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Treehouse swing I can't even imagine having this as a kid..I'd like it as an adult!

giant kids tree house in family backyard.How amazing would this be to have in your backyard? I'm pretty sure the parents and their friends would be in there just as much as the kids! This is my dream home. I'd live in there forever and never come out!

The Chene chapelle "Chapel Oak" in Alloyville-Bellefosse, France.

Chêne Chapelle The Chêne chapelle (“chapel oak”) is an oak tree located in Allouville-Bellefosse in Seine-Maritime, France. The oak tree is between 800 and years old. It is high and its base has a circumference of Its hollow trunk.

Purple Mountain Swallowtail Butterfly

*MOUNTAIN SWALLOWTAIL BUTTERFLY ~ fact: There are many reasons why butterflies are so colorful. Their color helps them to blend in with flowers when feeding. It helps them absorb heat. It also helps them attract a mate.

Contrast. Nature. The blue in the butterfly contrasts to the brown rocks and also to the red leaf. The almost triangular shape of each section of the wings is contrast to the smooth round stones.

The contrasts in nature. Previous pinner wrote: "The blue in the butterfly contrasts with the brown rocks and red leaf. The almost triangular shape of each section of the wings contrasts with the smooth round stones.