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Glowy by WatermelonOwl

Glowy by WatermelonOwl

IMAGINATION <---This comment! XD

This is my first Tails SB ver.And meh&nbsp;I don't think I'll ever get to play Sonic Boom: Rise of lyric or any of them&nbsp;I don't have a WiiU and I'm currently saving for a .

Pg. 238-"When my mom passed in the accident, Grenade was the one who oversaw my training. But she was more than a mentor, she was like a-auntish figure I guess? In my youth she'd be the one who I'd share my problems with. I mean, I got a pat on the back and a, "Don't be glum solider," instead of a shoulder to cry on, but there was no doubt there was a connection between us." "She was there when you were a kid?" Blaze asks. "She was there when I was a kid," I reply. "Yeah," Tony says, "She's…

I simply love how expressive animation can be

Shadow and Amy Halloween by Lunatic-Stars-10

If anyone doesn't know yet, I'm Tails-and-Silver-Fan. I'm just moved my account: tails-and-silver-fan.deviantar… I'm sorry for always say this. Shadow and Amy Halloween

Shadamy Kiss Me Animation (read description)

Pregnant princess by ArisuAmyFan on deviantART

Pregnant Princess by ArisuAmyFan SonAmy