Detox water - cucumber & lemon.

Eliminates a buildup of contaminants, fat, and excess water weight. You Will Need: 8 cups water 1 teaspoon grated ginger 1 medium cucumber, sliced thin 1 large lemon, sliced thin 12 mint leaves shed-them-pounds

Matcha Fresh

In this sparkling matcha recipe, our favourite grassy green tea elixir gets ultra fresh with ice, lemon and soda water.

Berry Fizz

This fizzy, sparkling berry iced tea’s all set to be your summer sidekick.

Apple Blush

Apple Blush, brew 8 tspn Fruit Blush, 8 tspn Apple Crumble with boiling water. Infuse for 30 minutes, leave to cool, add ice and sliced apple to serve.

Pumping Southern Spice

Pumping southern spice - A little spice and everything’s nice with this pomegranate iced tea brightening up your life!

Fruitalicious Fizz

Fruitalicious fizz iced tea - Ultra fizzy and oh so fruity, fresh rosemary adds an ethereal touch for sparkling iced tea.


Squash that thirst with a terrifically citrus iced tea!