Greens and grains salad

A brilliant, sparkling, satisfying meal in a box. Start with cooked brown rice, pearl barley or your favourite grain or pulse. Add anything green - spinach, .

Steamed fish with spring greens

Piling on the greens not only celebrates spring and makes your cooking sing, it leaves you feeling lighter and healthier at the end of the meal.

Boiled mixed greens with olive oil and lemon

Nine times out of 10 cabbage would be my go-to boiled vegetable. Make sure you have lots of boiling water, and salt it so it tastes like the sea.

Special vegetarian fried rice

Cook the rice ahead of time, allow it to cool, then spread out on a tray lined with plastic film. Refrigerate overnight if you have time - the drier the rice, the better the fried rice.

Turmeric greens

Turmeric greens

Spring minestrone with rocket and basil pesto

Spring minestrone with rocket and basil pesto

Green cheese toasties

Eat your greens: Broccoli, kale and melting cheese combine to make a pan-fried toastie like no other.