♥Hugh Jackman ♥ ok, don't usually find him attractive but oh my wow! Love this photo!

Hugh Jackman: dude is improving with age. 2013 ~~~ Bearded neck Richard Armitage actor is Thorin in Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey Movie , Richard Armitage reminds me of actor Hugh Jackman from The Wolverine Movies in some photos a little,

Andrew Walker of the Carlton Blues- what an awesome athelete! Australian Rules Football- my favourite sport!

AUSSIE RULES UK: Australian Rules football has been kicking around 'down under' since 1841 and the AFL governs the professional league footy game.

Kath & Kim, Australian TV series - *have* got to watch this again!

I don't think I've ever laughed harder watching a show. Totally reminds me of me and my mom!

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I& love to hear how people on here rate the AFL logos. Obviously over in Australia there are a lot of strong opinions given how attached we are to our team.

Thanks to TheWHOot (awesome craft and recipe site) for promoting my Golden Gaytime cake on their website + facebook. Not sure if I'll ever bake anything as popular ever again but I'll have fun trying.

how to make my Golden Gaytime cake

If you are a massive Golden Gaytime fan you will love to make this amazing Cake. It will fly off the plate!

Chris Lilley comedy Jonah From Tonga slammed as 'deeply offensive'

Chris Lilley's Jonah From Tonga slammed as 'offensive'

A new Australian television comedy about a rebellious Tongan teenager has been condemned as self indulgent and deeply offensive to Pacific Islanders.

The Many Lessons of Summer Heights High: Ja'mie

As Chris Lilley prepares to reprise the beloved Summer Heights High character in the new series Ja’mie: Private School Girl,.