Beef Sausage rolls

Beef sausage rolls

Everyone loves homemade sausage rolls and these ones taste extra good, especially with a good dollop of tomato sauce. (PS: my Mother's secret to her delicious rolls were the addition of grated apple) don't forget the ketchup!

Tarzan Strips

Tarzan strips

Grilled seasoned chicken strips are always a hit, pair them with a biodegradable or recyclable noodle container for an easy catering snack.

Barbecued Meatball and chorizo skewers

Barbecued meatball and chorizo skewers

Meatball and Chorizo Skewers - Fire up the barbie, make these meaty skewers and enjoy the footy finals with friends!

Baked Chicken Nuggets

Baked chicken nuggets

baked chicken nuggets - pretty basic, but this recipe looks like something that would make the kids think it was fast-food-style