Georgia Duncombe

Georgia Duncombe

Western Australia / This is all my photos that I have taken myself
Georgia Duncombe
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I don't believe it but it would be cool if it worked

lets see if it works:) comment if it does! I hope it works.god,let it be.

Sharing because I "share" that mindset...

I saved this under awesome people because he may not be a "people" but he is a police officer which is awesome.

lol just for laughs by lolmina02 on Polyvore featuring polyvore, fashion, style and clothing

Repost cause it is creepy, not that weird ass clown guy will suddenly be under my bed.

Yes, I would for however long it would take

I've stayed up past 2 trying to help. I'm not a councilor. I'm just a friend. And I care. And I will always be there for those who need me because I don't know what I would do if I lost even one friend.

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please share! This is horrible! That little poor puppy is so cute.such an evil sick twisted man! :( Find this sick twisted man! Give justice to the little puppy that was forced to do this!

Plz repost PRAY

Please pray for this baby and others out there.♡God bless Poor Baby❤️ I will pray for him! I hope that he and his stay strong during the hard times

Immunity cat to you all, but this face. This. Face. by lidia

Okay im not reposting this bcuz i believe it or whatever, I just thought that it was hilarious. I MEAN LOOK AT IT. Edit: OMFG so many people are pinning this iM SO SORRYY

Isn't this technically just the same thing but with a less effective curse?-

Isn't this technically just the same thing but with a less effective curse? <<< no this means you can ignore stuff