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a large green plant sitting on top of a bed next to two white pillowes
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an entrance to a house with plants in the front yard and walkway between two walls
Portsea Garden — Amelia Stanwix Photography
Portsea Garden - Amelia Stanwix Photography
a large cactus is in front of a white building with wooden doors and arched doorways
Dream Chaser
a bathroom sink with a wooden block on the counter and a round mirror above it
Bachas armadas: sofisticadas y únicas - ARQA Empresas
an aerial view of a house with a pool and lounge chairs
Simple Luxury Villas for Rent | Villas to Rent | Villa Cardo
an archway leading to a building with palm trees in the foreground and a bird flying overhead
This Desert Oasis Is One Of The Least Explored Places On Earth
"Rub' al Khali" means "the Empty Quarter," and indeed this has become a recognized term for the area, a desert second only in size to the Sahara. The friendliest and most accessible frontier of the Empty Quarter is only a two-hour drive from central Abu Dhabi, to the Liwa Oasis and the Anantara five-star resort, Qasr Al Sarab.