Indoor outdoor kitchen

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Create your own pass-through window. If your kitchen window opens onto a deck or patio, why not turn it into your own private bar? A counter and stools tucked right up to the window make it easy to pass drinks and snacks right from the kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Window Bar - would face up the hill toward patio/pool area. Messy feet wouldn't have to keep going in and out of the house.

If we ever will the lottery and put a deck in the backyard, I would love to have a kitchen pass-through installed too.

Beach-side alterations and addition of weatherboard home by Sketch Building Design. Kitchen servery window to outdoor breakfast bar.

we had this open kitchen window feature at a holiday rental in Florida and it was fantastic! person cooking is always part of the action!

I like this window idea for the kitchen over the sink.great way to pass out the food for outdoor eating and entertaining-outdoor bar with stools. Basically how I'd love our tiny house kitchen window to be.

Kitchen window idea - We could totally do this!

Indoor outdoor bar from game room out to the back deck through window. Love this idea!

Must have - frameless sash window to the outside!

We are starting the year 2015 with a splendid project from architecture practice Freadman White. Their beautifully modern Turner Street House in Melbourne (Australia), comes as a definition of a comfortable modern living space.