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Sherlock fans reaction to Season 3 Premiere. So true! Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Fandom, Moriarty, Sherlock Humor, Sherlock Comic, Johnlock, Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, We Are Bears

Tumblr Reacts To The "Sherlock" Season 3 Premiere

Sherlock lives, but he's killed the fandom. WARNING: spoilers for "The Empty Hearse."

If Sherlock is a danseur then John is a swing dancer because reasons.) it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing Sherlock Fandom, Sherlock John, Sherlock Holmes Bbc, Sherlock Holmes Benedict Cumberbatch, Johnlock, Drarry, Yuri, Lindy Hop, Baker Street

Chocolate, Bacon & Tequila

anotherwellkeptsecret: “If Sherlock is a danseur then John is a swing dancer because reasons. Lifts! (Edit: Now with correct toes!) ”

Sherlock BBC - Sherlock Holmes x John Watson - Johnlock Sherlock Fandom, Sherlock Au, Sherlock Holmes John Watson, Benedict And Martin, Sherlolly, Fandoms, Baker Street, Martin Freeman, Superwholock

taikova - SUN!JOHN!!!! AND!!!! MOON!SHERLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

SUN!JOHN!!!! AND!!!! MOON!SHERLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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~art trade~ with caps-locked! who requested dark!John~ (i hope this is not more naked than you were expecting @w@ or not enough…) (ALSO OUR POSES ARE SIMILAR HEHEUWEHEU)

“ “Don’t tempt me.” ” A companion piece to odalisque for prettyarbitrary’s birthday! (Which is tomorrow, but she’ll be away, so I’m posting it now!) Where that one is warm and colourful, I made this.


This is an 18+ blog Hello, I'm Archia! I'm 24 and live in NZ the USA! art tag / commission / music i listen to BOOKS: >> TOPLOCK 18+ Sherlock artbook. (out of print) >> VERY IMPORTANT EXAMS (PDF) 18+ greaser!lock comic. >> LIKE THE PULL OF GRAVITY (PDF) 18+ Johnlock comic. WEBCOMIC >> THE GOD IN THE FIELD A retelling of the greek myth of Hades and Persephone - with an m/m twist. >> Buy The God in the Field #1 PDF