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Fun activities to try indoors!
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two pictures side by side, one with yarn and the other with love letters on it
Yarn Love | Family Chic
DIY: yarn love Kids could do their names in different colours, or other words
an image of some balls and string on a blue background with the words diy cupcake liner crafts
Make Cupcake Liner Hawaiian Leis - Make and Takes
Hawaiian Leis - Hawaiian themed camp
how to make bottle cap necklaces with frozen princess pictures on them and text overlay that says, how to make bottle cap necklaces
Account Suspended
How to Make Bottle Cap Necklaces
many different colored buttons are laying on the floor
In which I make things!
Beautiful pins made from buttons, little felt, and safety pin.....(touch of hot glue) TA-DA...there you go!
the bookmarks are made out of paper and ribbon, with hearts on each side
Ribbon Bookmarks - Sparkles of Sunshine
These non slip easy sew ribbon bookmarks are fun to make, and stretch to fit your book. These make perfect gifts!
several pictures of different types of paper and scissors on a table with other items in the background
Making It Pretty | the Mason Jar Pin Cushion Sewing Kit | eHow
Pretty Mason Jar Pin Cushion Sewing Kit. Great for small repairs. Easy Peasy Gift Idea #fabricstash #stockingstuffers
a dirt hill with rocks and plants growing on it
Schools - Christian Aid
Chocolate Fair trading Game
a person holding a red balloon with blue tape on it and the words balloon rockets above it
15 Simple Science Projects For Kids
the letters are made out of wood and metal
Architectural Letters - Project Idea | BLICK Art Materials
Make your own Architectural Letters
a person holding several towels in their hands
T-shirt tote
three different views of the inside of a room with furniture and accessories on display in it
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Turn a shoebox and a magnifying glass into your own smartphone projector.
four pairs of earrings hanging from a wooden rack on a white wall, with the word do spelled out in different colors
DIY Straw earrings (Ohoh Deco)
DIY Straw earrings