serious kitchen bench

CREATE a space for life. -- Per Day Bushfire House - Grand Designs Australia one of the few Grand Designs houses that actually look nice

corrugated wall

A change of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, neighborhood for Rick and Susan Moreland meant a chance to create a thoroughly modern house that owes its sleek, sustainable form to its vernacular roots.

flyover roof

MODABODE - a new housing product for the century, the e-BODE is modernist…

Breathe Architecture

A fire-starting kit in Melbourne: Tinderbox House by Breathe ArchitectureInspirationist

Compressed cement sheet floor, melamine ceiling

Kooroork House A home designed to recreate the spirit of camp life evokes the family hearth while demonstrating that a modest budget and square footage can yield a refined, ample space. By Lorenzo Logi.

slat enclosure

privacy fence, horizontal slat, modern - kind of like it, kind of makes my eyes go buggy

outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen

steel floor

minimalist barn door to bathroom - eclectic - Staircase - Toronto - Arnal Photography