If you lost your job today, would you be prepared?

If you lost your job today, would you be prepared

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Why you should accept outplacement support

Why you should use outplacement help

Why you should accept outplacement support

Beyond job search: outplacement services for career development

Outplacement after redundancy: career development

" A real entrepreneur is somebody who has no safety net underneath them" ~Henry Kravis

10 reasons why outplacement can help at whatever stage of your job search

Never too late for outplacement help

Get outplacement help at every job search stage from coping with change to assessing your options, writing a resume and through to negotiating a job offer.

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Outplacement myths busted

Career transition & redundancy myths

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Glide Outplacement's experienced outplacement consultants, career coaches and resume writers combine executive management backgrounds with significant business experience across multiple industry sectors. Our team is based throughout Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. But we all have one thing in common - a genuine desire to provide meaningful outplacement and career advice to help people move forward and secure their ideal role.

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Why outplacement succeeds if you make the effort

Outplacement works if you work at it

The road to success is always under construction. Keep moving forward

How outplacement services helped me find a new job

Outplacement helped me find a new job

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If you're in search of a senior role or venture, executive outplacement services CAN help you!

Executive outplacement for senior roles

Providing caring and flexible outplacement services, career coaching programs and resume writing.