Culture - An native Australian, who are called Aborigines. During my trip, we will be learning about the Aborigines and experience the culture.

Australian Aboriginal family in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory in ...

An Australian Aboriginal family, survivors of genicide and ethnic cleasing in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

Pitt_Street_Mall-by-Tony_Caro_Architecture - Sydney Australia

Pitt Street Mall, Sydney, Australia by Tony Caro Architecture. Click image for…

Iam Mama Shifa the WITCH with 30 years of experience in helping and guiding many people from all over the world. My psychic abilities can .

Gracie Ward Napaltjarri ~ Muntati (My Grandmothers Country), 2013

Muntati My Grandmother's Country by Gracie War. This painting depicts areas where women go to do women's business as well as the surrounding environment.

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Yalka Tjukurrpa (bush onion)

Mary Roberts Nakamarra - 'Yalka Tjukurrpa (bush onion)' - Outstation Gallery - Aboriginal Art from Art Centres