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50+ "Dress up" uniform

How to make and put Multipurpose Dresses Patterns - this a wonderful link with diagrams showing different ways of wearing many varied shapes of fabric. Very simple and effective patterns

tie dye yarn rainbow

A tutorial for how to dye rainbow yarn. Instead of using a sock blank, I think I will try doing this with a thrift store sweater as I recycle its yarn. Rainbow yarn is so fun to crochet with!

Maiya knits. Mayhem ensues.: Turquoise Dreams

SUPERBE DIY Ombre Yarn Dyeing from Maiya knits. This method uses a crockpot and mini skeins to create a beautiful gradient effect.

Step 2-Pre-Soaking

Step 2-Pre-Soaking

Dying Ombre Yarn ©Shireen Nadir 2014

Dying Ombre Yarn ©Shireen Nadir 2014 awesome tutorial for an absolute and utter complete beginner like me. I reeealy wanna do this !