Quilt Pattern - Single Girl

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an orange and blue quilt is hanging on a fence
It's Done!
It's Done! by CeliaBlueQuilts, via Flickr/ love this one.
a large quilt is laying on top of a bed with many different colors and shapes
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single girl quilt
a quilt hanging from the side of a house
single girl
Love this Single Girl!
a close up of a quilt on a table topper with circles in the center
Single Girl Quilt Top
gorgeous Single Girl
a quilt made with circles and squares in green, blue, yellow and brown colors
single girl
single girls
a bed with a quilt and pillows on top of it
Single Girl Quilt Finished
Single Girl quilt
a quilted circle on the ground with grass in the background
the single girl mini.
I really like the Single Girl Quilt pattern as one single baby blanket. :)
a pink and red quilt with circles on it
Quilt Gallery
single girl
a quilted wall hanging on a brick wall next to a red brick building with an orange, yellow and purple patchwork design
Scrappy Single Girl Quilt
Single Girl Quilt, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
a close up of a quilt with the number 30 written on it in multicolored squares
Bloggers' Quilt Festival - Single Girl Quilt
single girl quilt
the circle is made up of many different fabrics
Single Girl Quilt Block
single girl quilt block
the table is covered with different colored circles
An amazing Single Girl. The circles are so bright!