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a pair of scissors sitting on top of a piece of paper next to a plate
Block 16 of Kinship 100 Block Fusion Sampler Quilt #100Days100Blocks
🕯 DAY 16 of #100Days100Blocks2022 and we're in the dark! 🔋This block did not want to be shared. We unexpectedly lost power from 8am to 3pm yesterday. I had the post scheduled to be shared on social media, but the abrupt loss of power seems to have played havoc with my computer and things just didn’t go to plan. 🔌 You’ve gotta just roll with the punches… ⭐ About my blocks: ⁣ 🍌 ALL MY HOARDED FABRICS! All the fabrics that I've been saving for that &amp
the fabric is laid out on top of each other, including pink and orange flowers
🌶 SOLD OUT! You guys, thank you! Seriously. Thank you! The first bespoke Fat Quarter Bundle sold out in less than 12 hours! 🍒 If you want to get the next one before it sells out you'd best jump on my newsletter so you can get your hands on them. 👉 TAP LINK in profile. 🍓 THANK YOU to everyone who sent an encouraging word. It means a lot. I think we underestimate at times how scary it can be to be in small business. 🍎 If there's a print in the s
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✂ BESPOKE FQ BUNDLE AVAILABLE NOW! Did you know I run an online fabric store? Well you're not alone if you didn't know. Seems I'm very good at keeping it on the down low (as the kids say). 🤩 I love fabric. Like obsessively love fabric. I can't remember my husband's mobile phone number but I can tell you exactly where I was when I bought some piece of random Japanese novelty print fabric from 10 years ago in my stash. 🐍 I'm currently surrounded by amazing fabrics (a
two quilts sitting on top of each other in front of a wooden fence post
Patterns — Cora's Quilts by Shelley Cavanna
a quilt hanging on a wall next to a potted plant
Pinwheel Baskets Quilt Pattern Download
a quilted table topper with an orange star on the center and grey circles around it
A Whole Lotta Chic Country Love!!
A Whole Lotta Chic Country Love!!
a piece of art that has been made out of strips of paper with a musical note on it
gallery: alphabet
Kathleen Loomis - lovely creative quilt from her awesome alphabet series
a close up view of a quilted table runner with yellow, grey and white designs
Quilting on the DWR
Sew Kind Of Wonderful: Quilting on the DWR
a quilted wall hanging next to a wooden fence
Blogger's Quilt Festival - Original Design - KNOCKOUT! - Whole Bunches
KnockOut! Quilt Pattern made with Tula Pink's Fox Field Fabric. KnockOut! Quilt Pattern #024 74” x 92” quilt 16” block Materials Needed: * 20 Fat Quarters * 3/4 yards Background A – ‘Grey’ Fabric * 4 yards Background B – ‘White’ Fabric * 5-1/2 yards Backing Fabric * 1/8 yards Cornerstone Fabric * 5/8 yards Binding Fabric
a large quilt hanging on the wall
Simply Beautiful...Quilts on Pinterest | 225 Pins
a pair of scissors with the words 7 deadly quality suns written on it, in red ink
Building Confident Patchworkers - GnomeAngel
"7 Quilty Deadly Sins" - Are you guilty? @ GnomeAngel.com
the reflection of a building in a window on some rocks and gravel near a rock wall
Centre of the Universe - Designed by Angie Wilson of GnomeAngel.com. Patchwork by Angie Wilson of GnomeAngel.com. Quilting by Gemma Jackson of Prettybobbins.com. Designed and made for Make Modern Issue 3.
a quilt hanging from a tree with the sun shining through trees in the back ground
introducing: Color Continuum — no. 03 Emilychromatic
Gloaming / Color Continuum