✨Conscious Christmas Ideas✨

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Ever heard of plastic-free tape? 🌿
It’s made from paper and cornstarch glue, and you can decorate it too. Let’s get creative without the plastic! 100% recyclable and home compostable 🎁🌱
DIY Salt Dough Decorations
✨Here’s what you’ll need: - 1/2 cup salt - 2 cups all purpose flour - 1/2 - 3/4 cup lukewarm water - To stamp I used rosemary and curry plant from our garden) - Jute string ✨Method: To make dough: 1. Mix salt and flour together 2. Add water gradually until dough consistency 3. Knead on flour sprinkled base (we use our baking mats here to avoid extra mess, Hello non-stick perfection) 4. Roll with rolling pin until roughly 1cm thick 5. Using cutters to cut out desired shapes (make sure you put f
Reusable Tea Bags via @habitat.for.healing
Did you know… majority of single-use tea bags contain plastic and can shed loads of micro plastics into your drink?! By choosing a reusable cotton tea bad you are now a sustainable sipper, plus loose leaf tea tastes 100 x better.
These dried oranges make the perfect zero waste Christmas decorations, pssst you can even enjoy them as a snack later 👀 Our reusable baking mat makes the perfecto accessory to get this job done seemlessy and waste free!
Christmas Fabric Gift Wrapping 🎁
Have any old fabric lying around? Turn it into reusable gift wrap! Ive been using these same squares of fabric for years and you’ll always see me collect it on christmas morning! 😂
Save the waste and the money this year by recycling your old magazines into Christmas decorations! A great and easy one the whole family will love!