Donna Hay - passionfruit cheesecake slice, sounds quick to make, has ricotta and cream cheese.

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passionfruit cordial

passionfruit cordial: today's treat - to go with my trial white chocolate passion fruit brownie.

Double-Decker Passion Fruit Cookies

Double-Decker Passion Fruit Cookies

Passionfruit Cream Pie via Hummingbird High #recipe

Passionfruit is my favorite flavor, can't wait to try! Passionfruit Cream Pie via Hummingbird High

#Dessert #Recipe / Passionfruit Mousse Cake

#Dessert #Recipe / Passionfruit Mousse Cake

Passionfruit mousse cake with a passionfruit/white chocolate ganache, a milk chocolate ganache and choko-almond sponge.

passionfruit shortbread

When Mr Chocolate came home with a whole stack of passionfruit, my mind was thinking oh what to make, what to make? As I am pretty much the only one in the household that likes passionfruit, I coul…