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Beautiful antique doorknobs and backplates. The turquoise door really makes them stand out, too.

Beautifully-ornate door knobs and lock plates. beautiful ^T^


Art Deco ~ Doorway with, on the top, pattern fountain, the doors recapturing the patterns of folding screen "l'Oasis" d'Edgar Brandt.

Such a statement door - Senorbi, Sardinia, Italy.

monkey ✿⊱╮ - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici, one Country at a Time.

monkey ✿⊱╮ - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici, one Country at a Time…

Frog - Ooohhhh.... I shouldn't have eaten that last dozen bugs!

The frog prince contemplating life.

нажмите на изображение, чтобы закрыть окно

A precious baby piglet is a warm and intelligent addition to your family.


Pinning this for the caption: Wants vs Needs: I want a baby hippo, but I don't need a baby hippo. But this is so adorable. Perhaps a baby hippo needs me. I'm gettin a baby hippo.How does one acquire a baby hippo?

Itty bitty, tiny turtle

♥ Pet Turtle ♥ Tiny Tim my tiny box turtle hatchling!

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Bat "Night Hunter" by Dabduedel,

A Bumblebee Bat

The smallest mammal in the world, this tiny bat weighs less than 2 grams. Its body is about the size of a large bumblebee, hence the common name “bumblebee bat”.