a person is holding an umbrella that looks like a star
a person is holding an umbrella made out of sticks and fabric with a star design on it
Custom made 80cm god's eye/ mandala in process!!
a red, white and blue star decoration hanging from a pole
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Deep tribe" Hand woven Mandala mobile - God's eye by wiwamandalas on Etsy
the wooden floor has many different colored squares on it
New mandala mobiles almost ready! Lots of different colours! I also create custom made mandalas! Shipping to Sydney only AUD6.00. Send me an inbox please!
four small decorative objects laying on the grass together, with one colorful object in the middle
New mandala mobiles on the way!!
an assortment of items are laid out on the ground next to each other, including yarn and crochet
Creating new mandala mobile designs!! To decorate home and inspire you everyday!
a drawing of two native american dream catchers with numbers cut out on the front and side
Dreamcatcher on Craftsuprint designed by Lori Russell - American Indian Dreamcatcher Iris Folding Pattern - Now available for download!
a man wearing a sombrero and holding something in his hands
Mary Quite Contrary
Huichol peoples of western Mexico The Ojo de Dios or God’s eye is a ritual tool, magical object, and cultural symbol evoking the weaving motif and its spiritual associations. For the Huichol peoples of western Mexico, the God’s Eye is symbolic of the power of seeing and understanding that which is unknown and unknowable, The Mystery. The four points represent the elemental processes earth, fire, air, and water.
an art piece made out of soda cans hanging on the wall next to a white wall
dream catcher, absolutely love
some people are standing around and one is holding a large colorful wheel in front of them
Minotaur Me
sufi dancer spin spin spin spin
a blue table with white designs on it
an upside down umbrella sitting on top of a lush green forest filled with trees and ferns
a multicolored star ornament sitting in the grass