Renovating for profit and flipping may not be as attractive as the TV shows and some commentators suggest.

At any given time there could be over properties for sale in Australia but in my mind less than are what I would call “investment grade”, so let’s.

Checklist of what to do and not do when investing in property.

September 2016 - Real Estate Investing Advice & Strategies From Experts You Can Trust.

Michael Yardney on interest rate setting.

Michael Yardney, Australia's leading expert in wealth creation through property investment, gives viewers an update on the Australian property investment mar.

Structural shift towards capital city employment accelerates -

Foreign ownership of Australian property has become an emotionally charged issue. What are foreigners buying? Are foreign investors pushing up Aussie property prices?

Brisbane Marketing - Lifestyle - Working in Brisbane - Industry Sectors

Key growth industries in Brisbane are: business services;

Good locations offer growth and high yields

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Matusik's Seven Reasons Why - ASPECT, EVERTON PARK in BRISBANE

Aspect at Everton Park is a smartly designed new Brisbane town home project offering investors high rental yields. Aspect is a HIGHLY RATED Matusik Property .