Lake Geneva lamppost after a major storm. Look for the art in the snow/ice storms


This is our family recipe which goes back untold generations. Of course, I tweaked it a little. Great-grandma didn't even have electricity, let alone a stand mixer!

New York City - Winter - Central Park in the Snow : Enjoy a fairy-tale view of one of Central Park's most beautiful bridges as snow falls. I dream to have a white Christmas!

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Lake Geneva Ice Storm A woman walks by an ice-covered car on the iced waterside promenade at Lake Geneva in Versoix, Switzerland. A cold spell has reached Europe with temperatures plummeting far below zero.


A cedar waxwing sitting on ice-covered branches of a tree in southern Indiana ~ photo by Christopher Drake

Beauty no matter on what, it still beautiful


HD Wallpaper and background photos of Merry Christmas for fans of Christmas images.


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