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This video changed my life! I've been kneading dough the wrong way. Tried this with my pizza dough last night and it was AMAZING!

How to Knead Bread. This is probably the most helpful bread-kneading video I've ever watched. Nothing fancy, no spiffy techniques, no confusing jargon, just kneading.

▶ Tying a loin of meat. How to Tie Meat. How to Tie Porc Loin, Beef Roast. How to Make a Butcher Knot. - YouTube

Filleting a Sole - How to Fillet a Flounder/Fluke - Butchering a Flounder - Sole - Cooking Classes In that video you will learn how to filet a flat fish.

French chef Eric Ripert and Martha Stewart make a roasted beef tenderloin with a red-wine butter sauce. Ripert also demonstrates his technique for tying the fillet before searing it.

Watch Martha Stewart’s Eric Ripert's Recipe for Roasted Beef Tenderloin Video. Get more step-by-step instructions and how to’s from Martha Stewart.