I heart you 2060 > RRP $AUD33.00 I love this piece because this is sometimes all that needs to be said. The word 'love' can be used in so many ways but these three words are so simple by themselves, but so powerful together. My absolute favourite!

2060 > I heart you charm

Jewellery Item 2043 > RRP $AUD33.00 | PALAS Jewellery

Best mum ever

Jewellery Item 3044 > RRP $AUD28.60 | PALAS Jewellery

Jewellery Item 3044 > RRP $AUD28.60 | PALAS Jewellery

Key charm #3523 Wish dandelion charm #3524 available now in stores and online > https://palasjewellery.com.au/stockist-australia/ #palasjewellery #birthday #celebration

Express your individuality with a personalised, handcrafted charm bracelet.

Mandala dots charm

Mandala dots charm

Jewellery Item 3080 > RRP $AUD39.60 | PALAS Jewellery

Celebrate life's special moments with personalised, keepsake jewellery from Palas.

Apple of my eye charm #2055 > RRP $AUD44.00 | PALAS Jewellery

Apple of my eye charm