Claire Austin*

Claire Austin English Rose - David Austin - Climber

With a count, pale lemon buds open into large, creamy white roses. Branches arch elegantly and form short, manageable climbers. A unique white among the usual red roses, 'Claire Austin' is a standout in the garden.


Windermere English Rose - David Austin

Windermere* :- Full cupped cream flowers with over 80 petals.

Blushing Pierre De Ronsard - Climbing (P)

Blushing Pierre De Ronsard - Climbing (P) Climbing Rose

Blushing Pierre De Ronsard - Climbing (P)

Mary Rose

Mary Rose English Rose - David Austin

Mary Rose - Standard :- Excellent habit of growth, flowers repeatedly.

Cinderella* - Climbing (C)

Cinderella - Climbing (C) Climbing Rose

Climbing Cinderella* :- This superb climbing rose will enchant with its very healthy foliage and nostalgic shape of flower. Supposedly pretty disease resistant, including blackspot (hopefully in my area too).

The Wedgwood Rose*

The Wedgwood Rose English Rose - David Austin - Climber

The Wedgewood Rose* :- Very hardy, extremely fragrant, recurrent medium to large blooms.

Brother Cadfael

Brother Cadfael English Rose - David Austin

Treloar Roses have been supplying quality bare root rose bushes / plants Australia-Wide for more than 50 years. Our rose nursery has the largest range of hot house/cut-flower and garden rose bushes , growing over 500 varieties in many styles.

Red Pierre* - Climbing (C)

Red Pierre - Climbing (C) Climbing Rose

Red Pierre - Roses/Climbing at the Wairere Nursery Online Store

Sarah Van Fleet

Sarah Van Fleet Old Fashioned Rose

Old Fashioned or Heritage Roses are often sought after for their nostalgic appearance and unforgettable fragrance. They are quite often very vigorous, thorny and will cope with almost anything that is being dished up to them.

Glamis Castle*

Glamis Castle English Rose - David Austin

Glamis Castle* :- Growing to and flowering freely.

Gertrude Jekyll*

Gertrude Jekyll English Rose - David Austin - Climber

Large fully double bloom in rich pink.

Zephirine Drouhin

Zephirine Drouhin Old Fashioned Rose

A Bourbon rose from 1868 (Bizot). Almost thornless with sweetly scented blooms, not mildew/black-spot resistant. Vigorous with recurrent blooms.

Dark Desire

Dark Desire Hybrid Tea Rose

Most fragrant roses Product Categories Dawsons Garden World

Peace - Climbing (C)

Peace - Climbing (C) Climbing Rose

Climbing Peace - Treloar Roses - Premium Roses For Australian Gardens Vigorous sport of the well known and popular 'Peace'.


Scabrosa Old Fashioned Rose

One of the outstanding garden shrubs.