1989 5 Cent Error Struck on Wrong 1 Cent Planchet

Australia 1989 5 cent coin struck on 1 cent planchet error

2000 Incuse Flag Millennium 50 Cent Variety

The incuse flag variety of the year 2000 millennium 50 cent coin can still be found in change

Australia 1964 Penny Broadstrike Error

An Australian penny that has been struck out of collar. It's amazingly well centered and in lovely gem condition.

Australia 2000 20 Cent Partial Collar Error

A detailed examination of an Australian 2000 20 cent tilted partial collar error.

2008 Double Tail Roo Variety Dollar

The Mob of Roos dollar design by Stuart Devlin consists of 5 kangaroos ranging in size and has been issued in Australia since Over the years collectors have noticed weaknesses in the die where cuds have appeared as small…Read more ›

Figure 1. 1966 10 cent Upset Variety

An upset coin is produced during minting when the dies for the reverse and obverse of the coin are not aligned correctly. This may be because it was incorrectly installed in the press or it rotated during the production run of coins.

1963 Florin Curved Clipped Planchet Error

A clipped planchet or edge bite error coin occurs when a coin is struck on an incomplete planchet. Coin blanks are punched out from strips of metal using a high-speed punch.

Australian 2 Dollar Errors - The Australian Coin Collecting Blog

Australian 2 Dollar Errors - The Australian Coin Collecting Blog

Australia 1 Dollar 1984 Wrong Planchet Error

In 1984 some Australian dollar coins were accidentally struck on copper nickel 10 cent planchets.

Australia 2015 20 Cent S Counterstamp

Australia 2015 20 Cent S Counterstamp

Figure 2. 1966 10 cent Upset Variety 285 degrees approx. 9:30 (o'clock)

Take a closer look at the 1966 10 cent with varying degrees of upset or rotation, this variety is very uncommon to find.

Strike Through Oil Error

A look at the variations on the newly issued Netball 20 Cent coin with the "S" counterstamp.

1981 Double Struck Partial Brockage 20 Cent Error

A look at an interesting and rare decimal error coin, a 1981 20 cent that has been double struck and is a partial brockage.