We are Greentom. We love to keep life simple. That’s why we’re passionate about making no-nonsense products for everyday use: green, recyclable design, smartly…
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a woman pushing a baby in a stroller
🟢 made from post-consumer plastic waste 🟢 lightweight 🟢 and your baby’s softest space for taking a nap Made for families with a green heart!🌿
a woman and child are walking down the street
@jaleemom loves to use our Greentom Classic for strolls in the city.
She went for a beautiful black frame and black fabric combination. Simple and classy on the go!
a man pushing a stroller across the street
The most sustainable city stroller.💚
Made by people with a green heart and loved by more than 50,000 happy users around the world! 📷: @jaleedad
a man sitting next to a baby in a stroller looking out the window at an airport
Going on a holiday by plane?
Take your Greentom Classic with you. It’s the perfect travel stroller: lightweight and easy to fold! 📷:
a woman pushing a stroller with a baby in it next to a door and potted plant
The Greentom Carrycot comes with a 100% organic, high-quality mattress.
The filling is made of wool sourced from sheep, organically raised in the northern part of the Netherlands. This wool, combined with flax and organic cotton, keeps your baby warm in winter and cool in summer!
a woman standing next to a child in a stroller
@aprilmayatherton strolling sustainably through the streets of New York City!
two small children are sitting in strollers and one is wearing a green hat while the other is riding a bike
Our Greentom Classic is lightweight, a very smooth ride and extremely maneuverable. Happy strolling! 📷: @dominikawojtaszek
a woman and child walking in the grass with a stroller next to a pond
and super lightweight. One frame fits all, growing with its precious petit passenger. After six months you can change the Carrycot into a Reversible stroller with a Reversible fabric set. Just order a separate fabric set if you have not ordered a complete set to start with. Any questions? Contact our customer care department! 📷:@babetteveenman
a baby sitting in a stroller on the beach with an ocean view behind it
When you design products for children you must also take responsibility for the environment. For it is their future! 📷: @kellywawn
a man is walking with his stroller by the water
Thank you @meisbellewahr and Jip Merkies for the great image!
a small child sitting in a stroller next to a peacock and another bird on the ground
two young boys are playing with each other in a stroller near some orange flowers
a woman is holding a pumpkin in her stroller while standing next to some pumpkins
We love all the pictures that show that all over the globe families join us in creating a greener planet, keep on sharing all these great images! We 💚you for that! Have a good Sunday☘️🍀
several people sitting at tables in front of a building with white chairs and black umbrellas
a baby sitting in a stroller next to a hedge
It is made of recycled drinking bottles. Smart, simple, spacious and sustainable! 📷: @dominikawojtaszek