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two people in the woods with a sign that says the hunt is over
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two people sitting next to each other holding hands
Firefighter Engagement Photo Fostered Photo and Print Lubbock, TX
a man and woman kissing in front of shoes with words written on the soles
30 Ways to Save the Date With Your Engagement Shoot
Kick It: Have your message written on the bottom of your shoes or boots. Photo by Jeremy Harwell via Wedding Chicks
three white candles with the words keep the flames burning on them and a black dog
Wedding Candles & Candle Holders for sale | eBay
Firefighter Unity candle could only be used at the reception
a group of men in suits and ties standing next to each other wearing fire hats
Yup yup
an electronic device charging on top of a wooden desk with the word alert above it
Gift | Etsy
Personalized firefighter docking station, Gift for Him - iPhone charging stand, gift idea - Mens charging dock, Gift for Men