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Maslow's Hierarchy In Illustration... might be good to use in an inservice with teachers (and especially politicians)... How can kids be problem solvers if their physical & safety needs aren't met?

“ There are different triage systems that can be used. What they share is a five-level system that guides the nurse in deciding who needs to be seen first and who can wait. The scales go from 1 [a patient who needs to be seen immediately, be.


Psychoactive drugs are chemical substances that affect the brain. These medications can affect out central nervous system and change the way we feel, act or percept things. Psychoactive drugs are used as medications, to treat different medical conditions,

We'll all be magician-gardeners. Regrow food from your scraps!

Use kitchen scraps to grow plants! Yes a lot of foods you disregard as not edible and/or trash can in fact grow into a plant and give you more fruits and vegetables! It is an alternative way of growing a vegetable garden then growing from seed or buying a