Kettlebell workout

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Kettlebell workout
Love Handles Workout - Try this workout to get rid of your love handles! (great for new mamas)
16 Min Standing Abs Workout | #weightlossworkout #homeworkout #womenfitness
full body kettlebell workout
Workout Method:👇🏾 Circuit One: - 12 farmers carry per foot x3 Circuit Two: - 12 kettlebell presses - 12 kettlebell single leg deadlifts per leg - Clean to 12 kettlebell squats X5 Circuit Three: - 10 Kettlebell Single Arm Swing to Seated - 12 kettlebell gorilla rows per side - 15 kettlebell swings X5 ( Cc: - @jenna.deleon ) #kettlebell #fullbodyworkout #kettlebellworkout #workout
Kettlebell workouts voor vrouwen vanuit huis!