DIY Outdoor Fountain. This is really easier than you think!

DIY Outdoor Fountain

Love the birdbath and boxwoods.

Garden Design Ideas : The stunning gardens. Can't imagine having this as a back yard… Sigh…

Best Landscaping garden ideas

This looks so much like our dry creek bed with our little apple tree in the middle. Maybe adding large rocks around the other side of the tree will make it feel more balanced. Also, I like the itty bitty rocks along the outside of the larger rocks.

DIY 10 Outdoor Fountains

DIY 10 Outdoor Fountains

Yards and gardens with sections that feature water are the dream of many a home owner. Whether it be a pond, fountain, waterfall, or stream, water is a str

Could be up in the corner of the yard - up high to add more sound and bigger pump.

30 Beautiful Backyard Ponds And Water Garden Ideas

trying to find a rock garden water feature that will work with grandchildren and dogs.Rock garden water feature -calm and alive at the same time

Floating concrete steps, through a tropical Australian garden (photo by Jerry Harpur)

floating concrete steps, through a lush Australian garden (photo by Jerry Harpur)

bubbling stone fountain- a low-maintenance water feature for wildlife and me

mediterranean landscape by Margie Grace - Grace Design Associates - charming, stone water feature.

Chic cut-stone walkway Pebbles are too smooth and round to make a suitable paving if left free to roll around. But when set in concrete with their flattest side up, they create a perfectly ­navigable path with an interesting texture.

49 Landscaping Ideas with Stone

River Rocks with ball fountain. I would need breaks in the stone for drainage. Chic cut-stone walkway - Landscaping Ideas with Stone - Sunset

Dennis Hundscheidt's Tropical paradise

Onslow and Miss B: Tropical paradise - Wonderful plant selection including beehive ginger, purple heart, bromeliads, lotus-filled pot and parrots beak heliconia.