Daily 5 Series: Word Work - Use sign language with a partner to spell words.  Partner reads the signs to know the word.

Daily 5 Series: Word Work

This fun alphabet chart has all the letters of the alphabet formed out of colorful birds.

Bird, bird and more birds. This is the first poster I found using birds to present all 26 letters. O is my favorite - fat and funny.

This Animal Alphabet Chart contains some wonderful animal illustrations that your children will love.

Animal Alphabet Chart Art Print

Our transport themed ABC Chart with phonics sounds.

Try our themed ABC Charts when teaching your child the alphabet. These ABC charts have been designed with popular themes to help convey phonics sound for the

Sports Alphabet Chart - Rather than the standard "a is for apple" chart, every word in this one is related to sports!

Sports Alphabet Chart - Rather than the standard "a is for apple" chart, every…

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Free printable board games for use in the ESL classroom. Print out and use. Practise grammar, prompt conversation, make learning English fun.

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Muppet Alphabet Art Print by Mike Boon. Was there a Muppet for every letter on purpose?

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seuss alphabet - Teaching a young child can turn into quite the task and these framed Dr. Seuss Alphabet fine art prints by Mike Boon will keep rooms looking light .

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I would LOVE to have these alphabet cards to hang on the wall in our play room! (And, of course, to use as actual flash cards later when they're old enough to read.