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an open door leading to a parking lot with a rug on the floor in front of it
Steel Windows & Doors Gallery
the front entrance to a house with glass doors and chandelier hanging from the ceiling
Modern Farmhouse Austin Custom Home | Arbogast Custom Homes
Modern Farmhouse Austin Custom Home | Arbogast Custom Homes
an instagramted post from pinterest shows the exterior of a house with black garage doors
Flip House Facade | The Plan & Progress
an open gate leading to a dirt road
Automated black wood 4-rail post and rail gate
a white house with steps leading up to the front door and trees in the background
Exquisite rough-luxe contemporary farmhouse in Sonoma County
Exquisite rough-luxe contemporary farmhouse in Sonoma County
a garage door is shown in front of a white brick building with a black roof
Beautiful Exterior Home Design Trends
Reply cathy oaten says SEPTEMBER 11, 2018 AT 12:15 PM Wow – love them all. Wish I knew the house color on pic #1! Reply CYNDY says SEPTEMBER 11, 2018 AT 12:35 PM Funny you should ask about the color of that particular home as I stood outside of it for about 20 minutes trying to figure out the color. I actually think it’s Benjamin Moore Patriotic White (which is one shade up from Wedgewood Gray) or a color extremely close to Patriotic. At first glance, I thought it WAS Wedgewood as it has ex
a large house with lots of windows on the front and side of it, surrounded by grass
Homes | TEA2 Architects
Our clients wanted a traditional look for their new home on a lake—but the feel of a tranquil lake retreat. Limestone gable “anchors” provide traditional form. But the design is modern, with glass expanses creating openness and light.
a wooden walkway leading to a house in the distance with tall grass and bushes on either side
Growing Up Around Nature Can Lead to Better Mental Health Later, Study Says
A New Study Shows the Importance of Nature in Child Development—and How It Can Affect Adulthood
two wooden poles with metal rivets on them in front of a stone wall
Commercial Design Portfolio | Austin Architects
Llano Ranch
an outdoor garden with stone walkway and wooden arbor
Contemporary English Garden - Garden Design
An oak pergola, weathered to an attractive silver gray, marks the entrance to the house, ushering visitors down a York stone pathway. Traditional herbs of lavender, purple sage, and bronze fennel line the beds, heralding back to the site’s agricultural roots. At the end, a glazed ceramic urn provides a focal point. Photo by: Elliot Hook.
a brick wall with a lantern hanging on it
Authentic Italian Limewash and mineral paints for your home.