The Joy of Living With Good Design

"Kate’s House” has the homeowner's spirit at its core. Located near Melbourne, Australia, the current building features an extension by Bower Architects.


From Warehouse to Ware-Home

Escaping the Confines of Space for a Family Home

Design Intent Outer Crescent House is located in the Bayside suburb of Brighton, tucked behind the bustling Bay St shopping precinct.

Escaping the Confines of Space for a Family Home

Victoria’s Brighton is the host of the Outer Crescent House – a home that transcends the small confines of its site as a space of style and seclusion.

An Environmental Hideaway In the Heart of Sydney

The architect and builder of Angel Street, Newtown talks about his development’s sustainability credentials.

Horizon Habitats: It’s a Winner!

This light saturated Sydney home by Mackenzie Pronk, Kaintoch and Arent & Pyke has won the Master Builders Association of NSW Excellence in Housing Award.

Bringing Coastal Living into a Beachside Apartment

Sydney design studio CM Studio renovated a chic beachside apartment with a vision to create a space that embodied casual coastal living.

Let’s Bring the Church to the 21st Century

As an Josh White walked through a dilapidated old building with no roof and thought, “wow, this would make a great house”.