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Tip: How to Tell When Your Chicken Will Start Laying Eggs (Video) - Naturally Loriel

Waiting for that first egg is a painstaking process. In this post I shared a quick video on how to tell when your chicken will start laying eggs.

Moving Chicks to the Coop

By now, you are ready to get those teenage chicks out of your house or garage.They are messy and need more space. You are ready to begin moving chicks to the coop, but are they ready? Here are a couple of things to keep in mind before you evict the baby chicks from their brooder box.

5 Things That Work To Get Rid Of Flies In The Chicken Coop (& 3 That Don't!)

Waking up to find an infestation of flies in your chicken coop is not only enough to turn your stomach, it’s incredibly frustrating. We’ve been there, we’ve tried everything, and we’ve found what really works,

How to Stop a Rooster from Crowing

Roosters crow. A lot. Right when you don't want them to. Here's how to stop your rooster from crowing, without driving either of you crazy!

Sprouting Grains for Chickens: Fodder for Thought

Sprouting Grains for Chickens: Fodder for Thought

Dreaming of a green winter: growing sprouts for your chickens (or yourself!)

We’re in the belly of winter here in southwest Missouri, and there isn’t a dab of green anywhere on the ground. While I’ve always thought that winter brings it’s own beauty,…

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How to Keep Your Chickens Entertained & 3 DIY Toys! - Part 2

Excellent DIY chicken toys which your chickens will enjoy to play with. Easy to build, and perfect way to keep your chickens entertained.

37 Backyard Chicken Coop Ideas and Types (Photos and Charts)

Extensive backyard chicken coop ideas article that explains the different types of chicken coops, most popular chicken breeds for coops (chart) and many chicken coop ideas in a collection of different coop pictures.

Keeping Chickens In The Yard How To Clip The Flight Feathers | The Homestead Survival

If you have backyard chickens and you wish to keep them in your backyard you might want to clip their flight feathers to prevent them from flying the

Good Housekeeping | Hearst

The recent trend of urban and suburban home owners keeping backyard chickens sparked our interest in placing a chicken tractor on our property.

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Growing Sprouts as Treats for Chickens - Naturally Loriel

I'm on a constant mission to save money while raising the best eggs possible. Growing sprouts as treats for chickens is a great way for a cheap, healthy snack.

Training Chickens

Did you know you can train chickens to come when you call? Chickens are very intelligent and can be trained just like the family dog!

Why I Don't Refrigerate My Backyard Eggs - Naturally Loriel

Mother Nature and Chickens have an awesome trick up their sleeve to keep eggs fresh. This trick is why I don't refrigerate my backyard eggs. Find out more!