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a person holding a wooden object with the words how to join handrail
How To Join Lengths Of Handrail
Depending on the size of your handrail, hallway or balustrade, it may be necessary to join shorter lengths of rail together to create one larger, continuous handrail. Which then raises a few questions, namely: how do you join two lengths of handrail, what is the best connecting method, and what fixing materials might you need? In this article we'll answer all of your most pressing questions about joining timber, metal & other types of handrail or railing.
the top 5 modern handrail profiles
Top 5 Modern Staircase Handrail Profiles
If you’re in the market for a contemporary, modern handrail profile to upgrade an existing staircase or install on a new one, then look no further than Hammersmith’s huge range of timber, stainless steel and galvanised steel handrail options! We’ve been in the business of selling handrails for over 75 years, so we like to think we know a thing or two about staircase and balustrade trends. Our handrails are available off the shelf in a variety of styles to suit any modern décor.
Picture of a dalmatian on a Hamptons inspired staircase, with text overlay reading: Hamptons staircase style guide Hamptons Staircase, Bright White Paint, Staircase Styles, Post Caps, Post Cap, Hamptons Style, White Paint, Can Design, Interior Design Styles
Hamptons Staircase Style Guide
Need some help picking handrail, balusters, post caps or newel caps for your hamptons style staircase? If so, we're here to help. We've compiled a list of all the best hamptons inspired staircase parts, and where to find them. We’ve absolutely loved seeing some of these more traditional elements come back into style in such a fresh, new way! The bright, white paint gives these pieces a coastal feel, while still looking elegant and expensive.
large curved entryway staircase with text overlay reading: how to design a hamptons staircase White Interiors, Staircase Design, How To Design, White Interior, Blue And Black
How To Design A Hamptons Staircase
The Hamptons design style is best known for its bright white interiors, and dark contrasting timbers. Colours such as navy blue, light blue and black also feature prominently. When it comes to staircase design, ‘Hamptons’ style stairs often feature more traditional elements such as box newels and fluted posts. We've written an easy-to-follow style guide for designing a Hamptons-style staircase!
Hamptons style staircase with text overlay reading: top staircase trends for 2023 Staircase Remodel Diy, Staircase In Living Room, Decorating Stairway Walls, Stair Railing Makeover, Diy Staircase Makeover, Balustrade Design, Stair Renovation, Interior Stair Railing, Staircase Interior Design
Top Staircase & Balustrade Trends for 2023
Are you an interior designer or DIY enthusiast looking to get a head start on 2023's staircase and balustrade trends? If so, you've come to the right place! We've been supplying Australia's leading builders, wholesalers, designers and stair builders for more than 75 years, so it's safe to say we've seen plenty of trends come and go in our time. These are our predictions for the upcoming year based on our own sales data, and the 2023 trend predictions of lead interior designers!
Deck with stainless steel handrail overlooking a lake, with text overlay reading: Outdoor Handrail Inspiration: Top 5 Outdoor Handrails. Outdoor Spaces, Outdoor Handrail, New Deck, Inspiration Photos, Old Ones, Weather Resistant, Balcony, The Top
Top 5 Handrails For Outdoor Use - Best Materials & Inspiration
Are you building a new deck or balcony, or just looking to upgrade an old one? We've ranked the top 5 handrails for use outdoors, and compiled some fantastic inspiration photos for you! Whether you're looking for something sleek and modern, or something a bit more traditional- we're sure you'll find an outdoor handrail you love!
a man standing in front of stairs with the words making sense of australian and baustrade code
Making Sense of Australian Handrail & Balustrade Codes For DIYers
Unfortunately, as with many Australian Building Standards, the code surrounding handrails, stairs and balustrading can be a little confusing. This can make do-it-yourself stair, deck and balustrade projects around the home a bit of a nightmare to navigate, especially if you've never worked in the industry before. So, we've taken our 75+ years of experience and broken it down for you! Check out our article on making sense of Australian Building Codes!
Traditional Spotted Gum timber staircase with painted Pine balustrade. Heidelberg, Architecture, Classical Design, The Family, Family Home, Gum, Home And Family
Heidelberg Road draws upon classical design and craft. It matches traditional features with functional form within this residence. The combination of Spotted Gum and Pine Balusters share similar hallmarks with that of a quintessential staircase for the family home.
an L shaped Staircase with an oak handrail, treads and post caps; white shiplap walls and posts; and black balusters Oak Stair Treads, Newel Post Caps, Metal Balusters, Stair Posts, Timber Posts, Oak Stairs, Stair Parts
Hamptons Inspired Staircase Transformation
Do you want to recreate our customers beautiful hamptons inspired staircase? All you need is a fresh coat of white paint, some victorian ash/hardwood scalloped post caps and some black metal balusters! We absolutely love the contrast between the dark balusters and oak stair treads!
Before & After Staircase Transformations: Inspiration For Your Next Remodel Project
Difficulty: Medium Staircase One: • Tasman Turned Balusters • Turned Tasman Posts • Pine Heritage Rail • Pine Base Rail Staircase Two: • 16mm round wrought iron balusters (double knuckle) • Single cage wrought iron balusters • Victorian Ash pyramid post capitals • Victorian Rail (In Victorian Ash) Staircase Three: • 16mm square wrought iron balusters • Fluted Posts • Mono rail in Victorian Ash • Victorian Ash pyramid post cap
5 Amazing Narrow Staircase Ideas / Inspiration
The five best, and most inexpensive ways to transform your existing narrow staircase (without ripping it out!) are to: • Apply a coat of crisp, white paint • Replace bulky, outdated balusters with something modern like wrought iron uprights or wire balustrading • Lean into traditional/heritage elements by adding elements like turned posts, Hampton's style posts caps etc. • Replace old, chipped handrails with something fresh! • Use brackets designed specifically for narrow staircases to gain back some space For more stair, handrail or balustrade ideas why not follow us or check out our range of DIY friendly staircase fittings at:
A picture of 6 timber handrail profiles to suit old staircases. Text reads: Traditional Handrail Profiles. Our Top Picks. Curved Handrails For Stairs, Pigs Ear Handrail, Wooden Handrails For Stairs, Wooden Railings For Stairs, Wood Stair Handrail, Victorian Staircase, Wooden Handrail, Wood Railings For Stairs
Traditional Heritage Handrail Profiles
Are you searching for a timber or wooden handrail to suit your heritage/traditional home? We carry a huge range of classic handrail profiles to suit your home restoration project (Including a pigs ear handrail profile!). Available in a huge range of timbers, from American Oak, to Victorian Ask / Tasmanian Oak, to Pine!
the stairs are made of wood and have handrails
A Wall Of American Oak Dowel
Timber staircase
there is a stair case next to the stairs in this house with wood handrails
DIY Stairs and Timber Handrails - Photos