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two pictures with different types of nuts in them
Cover Buttons In Different Timbers and Sizes
Cover Buttons In Different Sizes And Timbers
a close up view of a wooden railing
Gallery of Estrade Residence / MU Architecture - 13
Gallery of Estrade Residence / MU Architecture - 13
an image of food being cooked on the grill and then put onto a plate for consumption
Honey Dippers In Australian Myrtle
Honey Dippers In Australian Leatherwood
four pictures showing the process of making wooden sticks
Wooden Calligraphy Pens
Wooden Calligraphy Pens
a baseball field with a wooden bat on the ground and grass in the outfield
Miscellaneous Homewares
Cricket Stumps - Made in Australia from Australian Timbers. You can buy cheaper stumps elsewhere, but I can guarantee that you won't buy stumps that will last as long as these. Visit our online shop if you are interested in finding out more
a wooden box made out of wood blocks
Reclaimed Bundled Wood Beams & Steel Strap Accent Table. Coffee Table, Bistro/Cafe Table
side table/stool - reclaimed timber beams bundled together and held with steel straps | #upcycle
a kitchen counter with plates and bowls on it
The Ideal Kitchen: The Brilliant, Space-Saving Way To Dry Dishes - Live Simply Method by Annie
Can't get enough of this unbelievably clever (not to mention space-saving) kitchen design trick!
the stairs are made of wood and steel
5 Things That Are HOT On Pinterest This Week
Combine Wood And Metal For A Warm Industrial Look. Designed by Giles Pike Architects.
some woodworking tools are laying on the floor and next to it is a large stack of wooden planks
Wooden Handles For Caskets
Although it might seem slightly macabre to some, the wooden handle in the photo below is actually used on a coffin. It was originally designed for a different use, but a number of years back I had a request from a coffin manufacturer as to whether we had any handles that were different to the traditional turned ones that we have always done. I remembered that we had made this at some stage and sent them a sample to test out. They liked it and introduced it to one of their designs of coffins.