Are you interested in the inner workings of a woodturning / woodworking factory? Step inside the hammersmith timber factory and see how we create some of our…
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the shelves are full of various metal items
Timber cutterheads
Hammersmith factory
the warehouse is filled with lots of wood
Treated timber products in factory
Hammersmith Factory
the inside of a factory with machines and other items in it's storage area
Hammersmith wood turning factory
an older man working on machinery in a factory
Wood Turning Lathes
Hammersmith factory
the inside of a piece of wood that is being used as a tool for carving
Turning wooden knob
Hammersmith Factory- turning wooden knob
two workers are working in a factory with large machines and stacks of rolls on the floor
Sanding bed posts
Hammersmith factory- sanding bed posts
the machine is working on several pieces of paper
Hammersmith wood turning
a machine that has some kind of ball in it's center and is being worked on
Wooden chest leg being turned
Hammersmith product