Water Balloon Pinatas are perfect for a hot summer day of fun!

Water Balloon Pinatas are perfect for a hot summer day plus lots of other water party ideas.

Brilliant beach chair! SO need this!

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius (40 Pics)

someone designed the perfect beach chair. I want this chair NOW

Modern Living Pools Outdoor Design

25 Modern Outdoor Design Ideas

Nice barbecue area integrated with the pool

Sala Phuket - love the levels

DIY Beach Umbrella in Party ideas

DIY Outdoor shade - heavy cloth and pvc pipes This would be awesome at the beach this summer! Good idea, but no useful DIY link.

perfect for drying towels and bikinis after a long day at the beach

via Jolie Kerr Love this compact accordion drying rack from Urban Outfitters.

glowsticks in balloons on water....  If you really fill up a balloon and put a glowstick in it, it will not look like this, it will look like a glowstick in a balloon.

If I had a pool I would totally try this out. Put a glow stick in a balloon for pool lanterns. Pool party on a Summer night! I think this could work pinned up on the fence of a backyard without a pool, too, so really great idea for any outdoor BBQ/party!

A pool and this stand to hold everything

Use PVC Pipes to make a pool side drying rack for towels. WIsh I had seen this when my kids were younger and we went through many towels a day in the summer.