Grace Cossington Smith (Australia 1892 – 20 Dec 1984) | The Lacquer Room, 1936 | oil on paperboard on plywood

huariqueje: “ The Lacquer Room - Grace Cossington Smith , 1936 Australia, 1892 - 1984 oil on paperboard on plywood , x cm ”

Grace Cossington Smith  ,Australia 1892–1984

Grace Cossington Smith ,Australia Grace Cossington Smith: a retrospective exhibition is a tribute to one of Australia’s most significant and paradoxical artists.

Grace Cossington Smith Landscape at Pentecost 1929

Landscape at Pentecost, Grace Cossington-Smith 1929 One of my favourite landscapes

'The Bridge in Curve' Grace Cossington Smith, 1926, from wikipedia The_bridge_in_curve_1926.jpg (400×298)

Grace Cossington Smith The bridge in-curve ‘Grace Cossington Smith was one of many artists who closely observed and recorded the construction of Sydney Harbour Bridge, which was considered one of the world's great engineering feats’ (NGV touchscreen