Funny pictures about Crazy Australian weather. Oh, and cool pics about Crazy Australian weather. Also, Crazy Australian weather.

They can vary in length from as little as 9 inches (23 cm) to 21 inches (53 cm) and they are brown/grey in color. Unlike some birds there is no huge distinction between the male and female birds.

Tawny Frogmouth - No, Its Not an Owl or a Puppet

Kookaburra awwwww to cute!! Who knew this is what a Kookaburra looks like after all those years of singing the song.

kookaburra I thought a Kookaburra was a tree. The song goes; Kookaburra sits in the ole gum tree merry merry king of the bush is he laugh kookaburra laugh save some gum for me.

Just... the last three speak volumes to me XDDSS

As an Aussie I have actually said this exact sentence before

Meanwhile, In Australia...

Meanwhile, In Australia…

Meanwhile, In Australia. oh my fck never again will i sit on a toilet without inspecking every inch of it first.

Australia being Australia

Proud Aussie

some of these are aweful but some of them are funny, or downright terrifying. for instance, is that first picture a GIANT SPIDER EATING A HUGE BIRD?

Related image

Related image

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kangaroo shaped clouds

50 Reasons Why Australians Are The Luckiest People On Earth

36 of the Best Meanwhile in Australia Pictures - Clicky Pix

We Aussie's love a laugh, love a bit of mischief, love a beer or two OR more, & are down to earth ---->'who gives a shit attitude', say it straight and no bullshit mate!

Meanwhile in Australia...

Meanwhile in Australia...

really important, im pretty sure the lock is more expensive the the flip flop