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a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a table next to a wooden slice
Wedding center piece
DIY PVC Backdrop Stand for every occasion 🎊🎈🥳🤩
Difficulty: Easy Supplies: • 3/4" caps x4 • 3/4" tees x4 • 3/4" elbows x2 • 12" lengths x4 (3/4") • 24" lengths x2 (3/4") • 60" lengths x2 (3/4") • 84" lengths x2 (3/4")
a wedding arch decorated with white flowers and greenery
Top Running Birthday Decor Ideas | Wedding Backdrop Decorations
Wedding Arch Chiffon Decor
You can find all items used in this video at
a table topped with lots of pastries and desserts next to a window covered in lights
flowers and candles are in glass vases on a round table with lights around them
Elegant Simplicity: Tall Cylinder Centerpiece with Stones, Flowers & Fairy Lights ✨
Elevate your wedding decor with this effortlessly chic centerpiece! 🌸 Transform tall cylindrical vases or large milk glasses filled with smooth stones, delicate flowers, and twinkling fairy lights into a captivating focal point that exudes romance and charm. 💖 Let the minimalist elegance of this arrangement illuminate your reception tables and create a magical ambiance for your special day. 🌿 Perfect for couples seeking understated beauty and timeless sophistication. #WeddingDecor #CenterpieceIdeas #FairyLightsMagic 🌟 #Ad#Promotion