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The 4 Golden Rules for Keeping a Healthy Plant!
Follow these golden rules, and me over at happy happy houseplant for the best tips to keep your houseplants happy! Don't forget to save this pin for later.
a houseplant with the words care guide for the monstera peru on it
Care Guide for the Monstera Peru
The Monstera Peru (monstera karstenianum) may be a rare and exotic houseplant but it is easy to care for with similar needs as other monsteras. The Peru has the characteristic split leaves of monstera varieties but also a beautifully textured dark green foliage that appears almost corrugated. Overall, the Monstera Peru is a rare, tropical, low-maintenance house plant.
4 inch Money Tree plant Tree Braids, Pachira Aquatica, Money Tree Plant, Small Humidifier, Live Indoor Plants, Lucky Plant, Tree Light, Money Tree, Air Purifying Plants
Money Tree
4” Money Tree #houseplants #moneytreeplant #plants
the ultimate guide to design and indoor succulent garden with text overlaying it
The Ultimate Guide to Designing an Indoor Succulent Garden
Explore "The Ultimate Guide to Designing an Indoor Succulent Garden" and become an expert in growing succulents. Understand what an indoor succulent garden entails, find out how to choose the right succulents for your home, and get inspired with design tips. Master planting and potting techniques, and learn essential succulent care and maintenance practices. Perfect for anyone looking to cultivate a lush and healthy indoor succulent garden.
a hand holding a plant with green leaves
Hoya Manipurensis
This plant is classified as a hoya but many believe it is a dischidia at first glance. This easy-growing plant is not only rare, but has gorgeous blooms come spring and summer! ⁠ 📸 Photo by hoyaappreciation on Instagram plant aesthetic | plant wallpaper | plants aesthetic | plant drawing | plants wallpaper | plants | plant room aesthetic | plants wallpaper | hoya
the houseplant care guide for philodenaron birkinn is shown
Philodendron Birkin Care – The Mysterious Philodendron
Learn how to care for the beautiful philodendron Birkin. This Philodendron plant care guide covers origins, lighting, soil, repotting, propagation, watering, and more! Plus FAQ's! Is your Birkin poisonous? Why is my Birkin producing all white leaves? Will my Birkin plant revert?
a hand holding a black potted plant with green plants growing out of the top
Introducing, Ms. Frizzle.
a person holding up a bunch of purple flowers
24 Trailing Succulents Perfect for Planting in Hanging Baskets
Ruby Necklace - Othonna capensis
a potted plant with the words string of buttons succulent growing and care of crassula perforata
Crassula Perforata [String of Button] Growing and Care Necklace Plant
Crassula Perforata (String of buttons) unique succulent looks like green, spiral pasta noodles, doesn’t require lots of light, tolerates drought. [DETAILS]
house plants with round leaves on the top and bottom part in white text overlay
10 Stunning Round Leaf House Plants
Have you heard of these round leaf plants? From the classic Pilea Peperomioides to the quirky Watermelon peperomia, these plants are perfect for any home. Learn how to care for them and find out which ones are best suited for you.