Plants in Bathrooms

Bathrooms that make you swoon. From the vanity to the mirrors and the tile. Get organization ideas too!
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6 of the Easiest Plants for Beginners
These are the easiest plants by far to keep alive and keep you happy! Want more great tips and tricks for houseplants? Let's be plant besties, I've got loads more tips to show you! Come take a look!
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How to incorporate orchids according to the latest interior trends
Ready to make some adjustments to your interior but don’t have the time, budget, or desire for a major makeover? In this article, we’ll show you how to incorporate orchids according to the latest interior trends!
a potted plant with green leaves in it
Philodendron White Knight
White Knight is a fabulous variegated variety of climbing Philodendron that sports heart-shaped leaves streaked and splashed in white. Super-trendy and easy-to-grow, White Knight has been hard to find until now.
a potted plant with green leaves on the ground next to a white wall and cement floor
Lemon Lime Maranta
6" Green Maranta #prayerplant #houseplants #lemonlime #freeshipping
String of Turtles houseplant in 4 inch pot String Of Turtles, Pot Lights, Trailing Plants, New Environment
String of Turtles Peperomia Prostrata Shipped in 4 - Etsy
4” String of Turtles #peperomia #houseplants #plants
some plants hanging from the ceiling with text overlay that reads 30 best plants for hanging baskets
30 Best House Plants for Hanging Baskets: Indoor Gardening
Level up your houseplant decor with this guide to best plants for hanging baskets! Explore a variety of houseplants perfect for suspended display, adding life and beauty to any room. From cascading foliage to trailing vines, these hanging houseplants ideas offer endless possibilities for indoor gardening enthusiasts. Find more houseplant varieties and at
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3 Easy Peasy Houseplants
Liven up your space with these easy-care plants that are perfect for beginners (or forgetful plant parents ). Don't forget to save this pin to remind yourself later!
Is Your Snake Plant Lonely? 12 Companion Plants That Make It Thrive Snake Plant Potting Ideas, Snake Plant Companion Plants, Snake Plant Indoor, Log Planter, Snake Plant Care, Indoor Water Garden, Plant Mama, Snake Plants
Is Your Snake Plant Lonely? 12 Companion Plants That Make It Thrive
Enhance the growth of your solitary snake plant by discovering the power of companion plants. Uncover the secret to nurturing a thriving and vibrant indoor garden.