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Harry Potter

This is what I say to everyone and I get so annoyed when they don't Get it. I just think the magic kinda dies when they're around << You have two choices make him read the books or stop being friends with them

Harry Potter Next Generation Character Confessions -- Teddy

This reminds me of Hargrave family gatherings back in the day. It sure would be fun to see everyone again, I just have to have my own bed these days 😊

Harry Potter Next Generation Character Confessions

Victoire never realised how beautiful she was. Through her teenage years she suffered through an eating disorder. Requested by anon

And Dom and if anything they were better

You know, I don't believe Peter actually wanted to betray his friends. I'm pretty sure his life was threatened or something and I think he felt guilty after . Idk I don't think Peter was as bad as everyone makes him out to be.