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Ask the Cartouche: The horoscope spread  The horoscope spread can be ...

The horoscope spread The horoscope spread can be used for a general reading to determine how you will experience various areas of your.

Ask the Cartouche: The five pointed star spread  The five star spread...

The five pointed star spread The five star spread is ideal when you want to find clarity with regards to a particular issue. This spre.

Buckle of Isis

Buckle of Isis Upright The Buckle of Isis card is a fertility card. It denotes the multiplication principle.


Pyramid Upright The Pyramid card indicates a test or an initiation which might involve a degree of stress and anxiety.


Scarab Upright The Scarab card is a symbol renewal and rebirth.


Sphinx Upright When the Sphinx turns up there is an element of secrecy.

The Twins

Twins Upright Twins indicate polarity - the attraction of opposites. The Twins can be interpreted as partnership either in.

Winged Disk

Winged Disk Upright The Winged Disk is a card of divine guidance and inspiration. Revelation of true knowledge is also indic.


Uraeus Upright Uraeus symbolises the Kundalini energy. It is not a force to tamper with unless one’s intentions are pure.

Crook & Flail

Crook & Flail Upright Crook & Flail is a card of authority, leadership and worldly status.


Lotus Upright Lotus card promises placidity, peace of mind and release from life’s tensions. It is a card that indicates that th.


Sirius Upright Sirius is a card of universal awareness, space travel, global brotherhood and humanitarian concerns.


Earth Upright The Earth card denotes money, investments, savings and possessions. It also indicates thrift conservation and ec.


Water Upright The Water card denotes emotions, fluidity, and the ability to go with the flow. Water also indicates strong.


Air Upright The Air card denotes intellect, ideas, communication and correspondence. It is also a card of mobility, speed and tr.