Recipe // Blueberry, Rocket & Almond Salad // haven magazine.

My local market has big buckets of fresh blueberries for sale at the moment, so this salad was born from my need to use my berries at every given opportunity. This is a great side salad or a meal i…

Recipe // Baked Berry Custard // haven magazine.

Baked Berry Custard – A delicious simple recipe with two options, a yoghurt or coconut milk dairy free custard. A healthy breakfast, snack or dessert

February Issue of haven // Out Now // haven magazine.

Yes, there were high fives all around haven HQ this month as we celebrated publishing our family magazine for FIVE years! That’s 57 print issues and well over 2700 pages of storytelling.

December/January Holiday Issue of haven // Out Now // haven magazine.

Bring on lazy days, summer fun, sandy feet and salty hair (and no school runs!) Welcome to our bumper holiday issue of haven. We’ve mixed things up this issue with a new flow to the…

November Issue of haven // Out Now // haven magazine.

I’m not sure about you, but I’m off and racing with lists galore as the year-end buzz heats up – I actually have so many lists I have to carry a notebook to write them in!

Less is More // haven magazine.

Often, when paying for advertising, we want to include as much as we can for our customers. We want to give them a full picture of our products or services and get the best bang for our buck!

Are You Top of Mind With Your Clients? // haven magazine.

Simply listing tasks on your resume may fail to capture a hiring manager’s imagination. Here's how to focus on career accomplishments that demand attention.

Print Advertising is Dead. Or is it? // haven magazine.

A quick and simple guide to the IELTS Reading Academic module, including five key skills for improving your IELTS Reading score.

Lifestyle // Love Your Local // haven magazine.

It’s coming up to that time of the year when most of us shop up a storm! One of the things we are passionate about is supporting local businesses, artisans and designers.

MooGoo // Tips on Good Sunscreen Usage // haven magazine.

MooGoo Skin Care recently released their Natural SPF 40 Sunscreen. Many regard sunscreen as an inconvenient necessity.

Recipe // Brown Rice Breakfast Pudding // haven magazine.

This nourishing Baked Brown Rice Pudding pudding makes use of leftover brown rice & only takes minutes to throw together. It's a perfect start to the day or a quick dessert.

Rewarding Children With Junk Food – Good or Bad Idea? // haven magazine.

Strict parents make dishonest children. Are you a strict, obedience-oriented parent, or are you more of a liberal, independence-fostering mother or father? If you’re more the former than the latt

Girls’ Getaway // Holiday in Style // haven magazine.

Gone are the days of ladies being left at home while the blokes wile away the weekend with beer, banter and golf. The rise of the ladies weekend away is upon us and unlike the boys, we know how to …

Tiger Tales // haven magazine.

Dreamworld’s first cub to be born at the park in seven years, Kai has made a big impression on our haven junior reporter.