Dan Stump letterbox by Robert Plumb www.robertplumb.com.au

A sleek and stylish design, our Dan Kelly Letterbox with Stump Post, constructed from marine grade stainless steel with Australian hardwood post.

Watercut Lettering on Rustic Wood Background

252 Interior Logo

letters on reclaimed wood: The similar colors really help the sign display fit into it's surroundings. Would be a great address.

How to create a stone wall letterbox: Sandstone and hardwood can be visually stunning when used together, creating a natural and rustic yet sophisticated effect. If ‘building in’ a hardwood feature, as here, make sure your hardwood is well seasoned or kiln dried so it doesn’t shrink and crack the stonework within a year or two.

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Modern Design: architecture in palm springs

modern mailbox Richard Neutra Kaufmann Desert House in Palm Springs Villa Dale Chihuly by House & Homes Palm Springs Palm Springs where the Sun bathes your body, everyone is beautiful and the stars kiss your soul.