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Communication Processes: Outlines 7 simple and easy steps to follow to communicate with CALD people in the workplace

This site shows a great way to communicate in a diverse workplace in seven steps. It discuses training international employees in depth early and often. Assigning mentors is also very important and how not assigning the right mentors can be critical.

This website talks about communicating with both deaf and blind people aswell as talkimg anout the australian Sign Language called "Hand over Hand.

I found this resource valuable as it explains the communication process and talks through the barriers to effective communication.

What you intended to send is not always what people receive.

Image titled Communicate Well With People from Other Cultures Step 2 Excellent resource for communicating formally with people from diverse backgrounds in the work place. Practical skills, non verbal,

How to Communicate Well With People from Other Cultures. To build good relationships with people from other cultures, it is essential to learn how to communicate with them verbally and non-verbally. You can make things easier by also.